1.1 Choose Genre;

  • Sports
  • Business/Education
  • News& Politics
  • Lifestyle & Wellness
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Religion


1.2 Create a customized product-

  • Step #1: Choose a topic you love
  • Step #2: Pick a podcast title/Name
  • Step #3: Write a sound description
  • Step #4: Determine show length
  • Step #5: Get your artwork created
  • Step #6: Choose background music and effects (available on the Creator Studio app for directly uploaded videos)
  • Step #7: Pre-plan your episodes


1.3 Choose Show format:

  • Talk show/Interview Style format
  • Solo/Monologue Style format
  • Conversational/Co-hosted format
  • Panel discussions format
  • Your Own podcast format/Personal accounts and stories
  • Non-fictional storytelling format
  • Repurposed content format


2.1 Get Equipment

Audio-Microphone Recommendation: Technica ATR2100X-USB

Both a USB microphone and has an XLR connections.


3.1 Creator Studio Application can be used for recording and uploading videos directly to the MTN Podcast platform


You may also record on your own, then upload to our platform, Below is how to do so:

3.2 Recording Device: Laptop or Smartphone with audio recording capabilities

3.3 Recording & Editing Software Recommendations: Audacity, Adobe Audition….

3.4 Soundproof Location: Identify a quiet, soundproof ideal location for recording echo-free audio


4.1 Publish:MTN Podcast Platform

4.2 Share: Share show links or other Social Media platforms on personal pages.

4.3 Monetize: Advertising and Sponsorship.


See link below to preview the Audapp Creator Studio usage Guide:

preview link