Podcaster FAQs

Am I able to keep rights to my intellectual property completely?

Yes, it must be original. A work is original when it is created and made with a certain degree of creativity. An idea may not be original but the mode of expression of idea is termed original.

Am I still able to host and distribute my podcast on multiple platforms?

Yes, you can host and distribute your podcast on multiple platforms if did not sign an exclusive agreement with MTN Podcast

Will I be creating new content that will be distributed on the MTN podcast service platform?

Creating new content to be distributed on the MTN podcast platform is optional for existing creators as your RSS feeds from other platforms is sufficient for onboarding. 

Will there be limitations to the type of content that can be put out there?

Yes, there are limitations to the type of content you can upload. Please refer to objectionable content in our terms and conditions.


Can you please provide an example of what a typical term in this partnership would look like?

Please refer to the  terms and conditions page


In the event I am looking to terminate before the end of the term, how am I able to get out of the contract?

You may terminate your contract at any time by contacting us through the Customer Service contact form on the contact us section of our website.

You can view the full terms and conditions here

How does Yello coins work?

The Yello is an initiative for listeners to gift their favourite podcasters, coins that can be converted to monetary value.

What are the options for monetization?

Monetization will not apply at the initial service launch but by full-service launch, there will be monetization through adverts, subscription and Yello coins.

I uploaded an episode, and I can’t find it on the listener app

Please note that uploading is not the same as publishing. Ensure you published the episode and not just uploaded it to your profile.

Where can I find my statistics report?

Your statistics report can be found in the “Dashboard” of the creator portal.

Which episodes are in my draft?

The episodes in your drafts are podcast episodes that haven’t been uploaded yet.

What happens when I delete an episode?

When a podcaster has deleted an episode, it is taken down from the listener application.

Can I edit an episode?

Uploaded episodes can be edited before it has been published.

Is it free to host my podcast?

Yes. It is free to create and host your podcast on our platform.

What kind of music can be played in my podcast?

We generally suggest not to play any copyright protected music in your podcast. We also provide a collection of royalty free soundtrack for you on the portal.

My podcast artwork is not showing

Please make sure the artwork being uploaded satisfies the requirement set out.

How to upload podcast?

Please visit the ‘How to upload podcasts’ page

Listeners FAQs

How do I get started?

Register for an account with an active MTN number and start listening.

I didn't get an OTP

Ensure you entered the right number and try again

Can I have more than one account?

Your phone number can only be used to open 1 account, but you can log on your other devices with this number

What are the subscription options?

We have the following subscription option:

  • 20 Naira for a daily plan,
  • 120 Naira for a weekly and
  • 300 Naira for the monthly plan.

Can my children use the app?

We have various categories, including an Education category that your children can listen to.

The episodes are not playing. Why?

If it still doesn’t play, relaunch the app. If after doing all this, it still doesn’t play, you can send the name of these episodes to info@clairvoyant.com.ng.

Can I rewind or forward while listening to an episode?

Yes, you can

I can't download an episode

Ensure you have an active subscription, internet service and enough memory space on your device

Can my children use the app?

You get notified when they release new episodes of the podcast and it helps us recommend similar podcasts to improve your experience.

I can’t find a podcast

Ensure you’re searching for the right keywords, if you still can’t find it, it means we don’t have it on the platform.

My downloaded file isn’t playing

The file might be broken, please ensure you have enough memory space on your mobile device, delete the file and download again.

Can I register if my line is ported?

As long as you’re on the MTN network, you can register for the podcast service.

Can I get a refund for my subscription?

Be advised that after subscription has been activated, the funds will not be reversed. Ensure to confirm before making a subscription.

What does the ‘E’ next to an episode title mean?

The ‘E’ symbol next to an episode means that it contains “explicit content”.

Where will I see the episodes, I downloaded?

You can find your downloaded files under the Downloads tab

What do you do with my data?

Your data and privacy are protected. Please read our privacy policy here.

Can I rewind or forward while listening to an episode?

Yes, you can

Can I view my listening history?

The user’s listening history can be found under the “Profile tab”.

Can I create more than one playlist?

Yes. You can create multiple playlists; you can also add an episode in different playlists.

What should I do if the app crashes?

Go under your ‘Profile page’ and select ‘Give Feedback’, provide the details of the crash. If the app still won’t open, please try reinstalling it.